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Our Vision:
• to offer donation-based healing work to our community in Winston-Salem, NC
• to offer students of NIASZIIH an opportunity to hone their healing skills

• to deepen our skills in offering multiple-healer healings
• to educate our community about the path of healing
• to build connection among healers and with our larger community

Who We Are: a group of NIASZIIH students and NIASZIIH Practitioners in Winston-Salem NC, all dedicated to a path of healing for self and others. We started this healing clinic in January 2017 to offer our healing services to our community, while also deepening our skill in working together with other healers. In this clinic, all healings are done by 2 or more healers working on one client at the same time, allowing a synergy between healers to add power and depth to the healing work. Below is a list of healers participating in the clinic.
What is NIASZIIH? NIASZIIH (pronounced Ni-a-zee-EYE) is a nature-based system of healing that works with awareness and deep contact in healing the body, mind, and spirit. It addresses both the limitations and the gifts that arise from our wounding, while moving towards more peace, love, joy, and purpose. These teachings have been passed down to other healers from Lipan Apache elder, scout, and shaman, Stalking Wolf. NIASZIIHhealing training is done through wildernessFusion, where it takes 4 years of training to become a NIASZIIH Practitioner and 7 years of training to become a NIASZIIH Healer. (

Our Commitment: The Winston-Salem NIASZIIHhealing Clinic adheres to a set of ethical standards, which include honesty, integrity and confidentiality.  The members of our clinic agree to honor the rights of our clients to be treated fairly, without discrimination, and to serve in the best interests of our clients.  Our practitioners and students agree to represent their qualifications and credentials clearly and to practice within the scope of their training.  To read our full Ethics Statement, please use this link.

To download a flyer about the healing clinic, please click here.

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Cappy Kirsch is a NIASZIIH practitioner and has completed her 5th year of study. She is currently seeing healing clients in private practice and building an outdoor workspace, a "healing hut". Cappy is also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and had a private massage therapy practice in Winston-Salem for many years. To continue your healing work, contact her for an appointment at www.

Betsy Hauser is a NIASZIIHhealing practitioner. Her own healing journey has led her to seek deep inside for her truth and purpose with much determination. Her path has included trainings in primitive living skills, yoga, and Holotropic Breathwork. Betsy is passionate about animals. She is dedicated to helping others heal emotional and physical pain, trauma, anxiety and depression stored in the body. Betsy can be reached on her website

June Wingfield has been drawn to nature since a child. She has always known that there is more to life than meets the eye. Her personal journey in holistic health and wellness began in 2008. From there she became a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, which opened more doors to explore what life is and what it means to her. This led to training as a Reiki Master and to training at wildernessFusion. The dedication and drive to help others has lead her further in her own healing as well. She is currently a 4th year NIASZIIH student. Contact her at her email.

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Harolene Atwood continues to pursue a life-long quest to understand and heal herself. A Master’s in Counseling, Certification in Healing Touch, and a 200 Hour Certification in Yoga has deepened her inner knowledge - for herself and others. Harolene has participated in many heart centered retreats, group therapy, and individual therapy. Training at wildernessFusion adds a new level of self-trust and direction to her journey. Harolene is a 4th year NIASZIIH student. Feel free to contact her via email.

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Deb Clark has been drawn to volunteer projects that centered on helping others, and making a difference in the community in which she lives.  Those projects have ranged from a presentation to her church for a mental health initiative, to volunteering in the Overflow Shelter, to traveling to Athens, Greece to work in the Syrian refugee camps twice in 2018.  This passion lead her on a journey to wildernessFusion , first as a student in the Shelter class, and now as a 4th year  NIASZIH healing student. Contact Deb via email.

Elizabeth Lowder began advocating for children in foster care as a Guardian Ad Litem while her three children were young. Her work with children who have experienced trauma, as well as her personal practice, inspired her to then train in teaching Mindfulness Meditation to K-12 students. She has a special interest in working with at-risk youth and has completed additional trauma-informed training through The Mind Body Awareness Project.  Elizabeth has been a client at the NIASZIIH autoimmune clinic and is now a 4th year NIASZIIH student. Contact her via email.


Tonya Walker is a nurse practitioner and she has 25 years of experience working in a variety of clinical settings, including hospital-based care, behavioral health, and indigent health care. Her deepest passion and desire is to meet people where they are and assist them on their journey of transformation, empowering them to find peace through healing of mind, body, and spirit. Her journey to wildernessFusion has been one of a spiritual awakening and calling to embrace the wholeness of life - a gift she also wishes to offer to the world. Tonya is a 3rd year NIASZIIH student. Contact Tonya via email.

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JoAnn Yates is a 4th year NIASZIIH student. She is also is Registered Horticultural Therapist and a Certified Healing Touch practitioner.  Nature has always been a great source of wonder, healing and awe in her life and she shares that passion with children of all abilities and ages.  She also explores the nurturing and comforting power of Nature with individuals experiencing deep grief. She can be reached via her email.

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Brittney Biggs grew up on a rural farm in the WNC mountains, which started her love for nature and personal healing journey. She is a wife, mom of two and has an Australian Labradoodle fur baby that is on his way to becoming a therapy dog. She spent most of her professional career in higher education before following her call to pursue a second master’s degree at Wake Forest University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She enjoys all things good for the mind, body and soul and recently received her Meditation Teacher Certification. Her passion for helping others continues as a third year NIAZSIIH healing student at Wilderness Fusion. 


Anna Fishel is a 3rd year NIASZIIH healing student. Her deep passion is to live in the Mystery, be true to herself, and to help others do the same. An educator and published writer by trade, Anna's long personal healing journey led her into alternative healing therapies and eventually to NIASZIIH healing. She was so taken by the depth and truth

of the work, she decided to pursue training in it herself. Contact Anna via her email. 


Kathy Young is a third year NIASZIIH healing student. A mother, grandmother, volunteer and fly fisherman, she has been on a journey of her own inner healing. Her quest led her to NIASZIIH healing as a client and then as a student. NIASZIIH has had a profound effect on both her physical healing and spiritual connection. She can be reached at her email.


For questions or to make a clinic appointment, please Contact Us.

If you have an appointment scheduled for the healing clinic, please download the intake form and consent form by clicking on the links below.  Once your forms are completed, you may email them to us via our email address here.

Download an Intake form:                                        or 




Download the Consent form:        


For our clients, please click the donation link and follow instructions to pay using credit or debit cards. All donations received will be shared with the healers in attendance. 



What kind of illnesses or issues do you work on? How do I know if you can help me?

We are happy to work with any adults (sorry, no children). Most people who are open to it can benefit from healing work. We can't make any promises to cure any particular illness or issue, but will bring our full presence, caring attention, and skill to help you take the next step in your healing journey. If you have concerns or questions about whether this is right for you, feel free to contact us.

Is this hands-on healing work?

Yes, it is, though only within your comfort zone. We ask that you let us know if at any time you are uncomfortable with physical contact during the healing. Also, you will remain fully clothed throughout the healing.

Is there a suggested donation amount?

Your donation is an energetic exchange for the healing work. We understand that everyone has different means and we do not have any expectation regarding donation amounts. Listen within to what is right for you. Please plan to make your donation in cash for in-person clinics or by clicking the "donate" button (above) for online clinics.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just walk in?

Since there are limited spaces available at each clinic, please make an appointment in advance by contacting us.

How long does a session last?

About 70 - 80 minutes.

What happens during a NIASZIIHhealing session?

When you arrive for your appointment, you will first sit and talk with the healers to discuss why you’re seeking healing work. When you are ready, you will lie on the treatment table and we will begin the hands-on healing work. There is not a set structure for how we do this; the work is largely intuitive. At times we may be silent and other times may ask questions or talk with you about what we are noticing. If you have questions or concerns about the work we are doing, we invite you to discuss that with us.

What does NIASZIIH mean?
Karl Direske, founder of wildernessFusion, states that NIASZIIH roughly translates to ‘The Vessel of Healing.' For more information, visit

Get In Touch

For questions or to schedule an appointment at the NIASZIIHhealing Clinic, please email us using the following form. To reach a specific healer, please find their contact information by clicking here.

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In the NIASZIIHhealing Clinic, we are not working as licensed medical or mental health professionals. We therefore do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any specific illnesses and this work is not covered by insurance.

NIASZIIHhealing is a trademark of wildernessFusion LLC.